Espresso kiosk

We needed ideas and advice on what would and wouldn't work for our new espresso bar. We needed to know if a particular colour would work or if a light fitting and style would suit. Karen was amazing. She was very insightful and creative with great ideas. I loved how she would be honest and say no, that won't work, but would suggest another idea. She had lots of contacts and invaluable information on the process which we appreciated. I would highly recommend KCandy&Co!

Maree G - Volt

Villa Kitchen

Villa Kitchen Reno

My brief was to stay clear of stark white, introduce subtle colour and provide a contemporary open plan kitchen that will stand the test of time. Karen certainly ticked all the boxes! I was delighted with the result. Working with an interior designer was something new for me, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I have to say it was a real asset having a Karen on board. Her communication and attention to detail was terrific.

Stephen J - Owner

“A fresh approach and new ideas from an outside source proved invaluable in decision making, the job went smoothly and under budget. The end result is fantastic, a happier more comfortable workspace with very positive comments from our customers. I would not hesitate to recommend KCandy&Co”.

Andrew R. - Metal Image

”We had lots of needs in terms of fitting various areas in a small space and the added complication that we are all creatives so are generally hard to please!  Karen managed the whole thing with aplomb and came up with some great ideas for the concept that worked well practically and appealed aesthetically to all - which was no mean feat”!

Janet M. - Video production studio